Banksters rigging again

Description: Trump Mnunchin & all the bailed-out banks of 2007-2011 meeting again to figure out how to put the bill on the taxpayer again-- but it's about saving "small businesses" (LOL)
Category: Banksters
Tags: Banking Banks Banksters Federal Reserve Wells Fargo Feego CitiGroup Goldman Bank of America US Bancorp Truist Aly
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Money, Wampumpeag & BitCoin

Description: You always thought you knew what money was, but do you?
Category: Money
Tags: Money BitCoin Electricity Dollars Dolares Wampum Proof of Work
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Thought leaders are still here

Description: denial is a river in Egypt
Category: art
Tags: Satoshi Doodles stages of grief
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Persona Cryptona

Description: opens a portal, of opportunity.
Category: writing, storytelling, mind expansion
Tags: BitCoin U.S.of.A second chance
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The Age Of Competitive Mining

Description: With BSV miners regain their power as the heart of Bitcoin
Category: Article - Steve Shadders
Tags: bitcoin MetaNet MetaNetID mining rewards data storage future of mining
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MetaNet Data and the Tragedy Of The Commons

Description: What miners are paid for, and a probable direction forward
Category: Article - Jerry David
Tags: bitcoin MetaNet MetaNetID mining rewards data storage future of mining
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