BitCoin and Feldenkrais - Factional writing

Description: testing BitSVnetwork - welcome to my world.
Category: I see common ground between two of my passions and I want to join the dots.
Tags: Feldenkrais BitCoin human BEing
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Human Anatomy 2.0 with Dale

Description: having fun with natural reader verbalising my bitsvnetwork blogs
Category: Audio, Verbal Blogging
Tags: Feldenkrais Body Human Anatomy Arms Ribs Movement BitSVNetwork
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Fascia and it's impact on the body

Description: fractals out into society, it's a network that adapts. SHAPES people and the environment we live in.
Category: Video, uTube
Tags: bitcoin fractals fascia fascism code human software
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Arthur A Chresby

Description: explains how to communicate thy will to politicians
Category: .pdf Booklet
Tags: politics human will elections communication
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Emotional Intelligence

Description: the impact of, and why it's important
Category: video
Tags: ANNE emotional intelligence BSV mood measurements human
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