Discrimination & Disparities

Description: It's time to learn more about this man's mind.
Category: Book
Tags: Economics discrimination disparity ThomasSowell fallacies
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Friedrich Hayek

Description: "Socialism as an intellectual force, people tried to invent new morals"
Category: video uTube
Tags: socialism capitalism Hayek Austrian Economics
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JonSouthurst CraigWright and Steve Keen

Description: discussing economics, Minsky... and climate change.
Category: Videos, Streamanity
Tags: bitcoin SV economics climate Minsky
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Economics... And More! With Steve Keen and Craig Wright

Description: Steve Keen and Craig Wright join Jon in a discussion about economics and Bitcoin in this on-chain video.
Category: video
Tags: SteveKeen CraigWright Economics MetaNetTV BitcoinSVtrain
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CraigWright/SteveKeen Part2

Description: Economics, bitcoin and minksy
Category: MetaNetTV
Tags: bitcoin politics economics
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How An Economy Grows

Description: and Why It Doesn't, by Irwin A. Schiff
Category: Books
Tags: IrwinSchiff Economics Education Capitalism
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