We, BSVers, hereby declare that BSV should “deCSWlization”. If you support BSV and believe BSV can lead us to a better world.

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20 & 21 Gun Salutes

Description: January 20, 2021 21:21 UTC for $21 is not looking coincidental
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Tags: btcbsvsatoshivisionnakamoto
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3 Wrongs Don't Make a Wright-- CoinGeek

Description: The story of inventors named Wright not being believed
Category: BitCoin
Tags: SatoshiNakamoto WrightBrothers
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Pretty secure cold storage for BSV (Part 2)

Description: How to store your BSV safely offline using Simply Cash (Part 2)
Category: bitcoin
Tags: coldstorage
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Pretty secure cold storage for BSV (Part 3)

Description: How to store your BSV safely offline using Simply Cash (Part 3)
Category: bitcoin
Tags: coldstorage
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Bitcoin will win

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Cambridge University Metanet Society Phoenix Challenge Hackathon contestants & projects

Description: List of projects, awards, BSV projects Bitcoin SV
Category: BitCoin
Tags: Hackathon BitCoin MetaNetSociety
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Who are Sentiment.pro

Description: Interview with the incredible Hamza - pioneer behind eCat media and sentiment.pro
Category: bitcoin
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Joshua Henslee on Investments in BSV Bitcoin

Description: Here is an interesting clip on streamanity which is $0.12. Joshua Henslee explains the advantages and disadvantages on investments within the bitcoin sv sector in his unique and honest manner.
Category: Bitcoin
Tags: investments coingeek joshuahenslee bsvbusinessshow
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Satoshi and the ByzantineGenerals

Description: Craig finds flaw with LeslieLamport's paper
Category: BitCoin
Tags: BitCoin blocks ProofOfWork LongTail
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Mandala Networks

Description: oft-cited paper by BitCoiners for estimating final network topology at scale
Category: BitCoin
Tags: BitCoinBSVMandalaNetworks2D3D4Dquaternionscubes
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Marquee Mark on Streamanity

Description: Marquee Mark's Streamanity channel
Category: bitcoin
Tags: bitcoin paramotor health
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Verify that Simply Cash spending from cold storage is 100% safe

Description: Verify Simply Cash transactions before sending them onto the network
Category: bitcoin
Tags: coldstorage
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Verify that Simply Cash devs are not stealing your funds!

Description: Verify Simply Cash transactions before sending them easily
Category: bitcoin
Tags: coldstorage
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Pretty secure cold storage for BSV

Description: How to store your BSV safely offline using Simply Cash
Category: bitcoin
Tags: coldstorage
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The Man Who Would Be Satoshi

Description: Bitcoin Wednesday
Category: Bitcoin
Tags: BitcoinWednesday2019Amsterdam
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GENESIS Block timestamp by WhatsOnChain

Description: Block 630,539 timestamp
Category: Bitcoin
Tags: BSV timestamp WhatsOnChain
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Original BitCoin Stroy Forum

Description: Korean Forum focused on BSV
Category: BitCoin
Tags: BSV BitcoinSV Craig Wright Satoshi
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CoinBase Patent Pay to Email Bitcoin

Description: won patent similar to Paymail
Category: BitCoin
Tags: BitCoinBSVPatentCoinBaseCoinbasePaymailemail
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How to securely store BSV long term

Description: Cold storage BSV
Category: bitcoin
Tags: security
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Description: SPV analysis
Category: Bitcoin
Tags: technical SPV Bitcoin SPV
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