HeartMail Early Access

Category: heartmail
Tags: bsv
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Description: An NFT serie by Ales Lyalush
Category: NFT
Tags: Homunculus BullishArt BSV Ales
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Short URL: sym.re/BnsKDo6
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BSV News - Censored??

Description: Coingeek Censor article
Category: BSV
Tags: BSV
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We, BSVers, hereby declare that BSV should “deCSWlization”. If you support BSV and believe BSV can lead us to a better world.

Category: BITCOIN
Tags: BSV
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PetEUR @ PowPing

Description: Tokenized Euro coin.
Tags: token eur bsv
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Short URL: sym.re/UACu86u
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Category: Social media Bsv
Tags: #socialmedia#bsv
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Bitcoin will win

Category: bitcoin
Tags: bsv
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SLictionary: Day Two

Description: We're testing our Cambridge MetaNet Society hackathon entry, please feel free to try it if you have Money Button. Warning, you might make a little money if someone "lightbulbs" your definition.
Category: Reference
Tags: Dictionary Define Earn BSV BitcoinApp SelfLearning
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/HGymSEa
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Bitcoin Script Engineering part II

Description: An introduction to the original Bitcoin capability of smart-contract creation
Category: Articles
Tags: Bitcoin Script StasTrock BSV SmartContract Oracle
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/KshtpRC
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Oil & Small Business Game Theory

Description: An update on record historically low oil prices plus COVID19-related small business theory
Category: Investment
Tags: Corona Lovebird Organnon's HoneyofDoylestown BitcoinSV BSV BitCoin
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/Marwq56
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JimmyWales panel CoinGeek conference

Description: "I’m not against Bitcoin, but it’s not useful to Wikipedia right now"
Category: video
Tags: BitCoin CoinGeek conference BSV wikipedia JimmyWales
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/6M4ESao
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okura channel

Description: BitcoinSV上のサービスをユーザー目線で楽しみがら紹介します
Category: Movie
Tags: Bitcoin BSV
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/FJjD99P
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CoinBlockDesk and the London CoinGeek conference

Description: an event with a satirical twist
Category: Article - paywalled
Tags: BitCoin CoinGeek conference BSV BTC trolls
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/EL2xu4Q
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ANNE clip February 2019

Description: A small introduction to how she works
Category: Video - MrScatman
Tags: Bitcoin ANNE AI EmergingTruthIntelligence datamatching recruitment BSV dating
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/5DugmUc
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ANNE, what I see

Description: the impact visualising Emotional Intelligence could have on society.
Category: Article - bitSVnetwork
Tags: Bitcoin ANNE EmotionalIntelligence BSV
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/2etHEQ6
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amebro bsv

Category: crypto
Tags: bsv
Shortened by: [email protected]ybutton.com
Short URL: sym.re/8JiR6SP
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Description: Italian Food Shop
Category: Italian food shop with BSV
Tags: italian food shop bsv ecommerce pasta oil balsamic coffee
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/4y5CuU5
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Broadcast any script

Description: A simple page to broadcast any type of script with the MoneyButton
Category: Tools
Tags: Bitcoin BSV Script Tools MoneyButton
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/SrFMT9v
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GENESIS Block via CoinGeek

Description: when CoinGeek article says it happened
Category: Genesis Block
Tags: Bitcoin BSV CoinGeek Satoshi
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/L1JTmPJ
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GENESIS Block timestamp by WhatsOnChain

Description: Block 630,539 timestamp
Category: Bitcoin
Tags: BSV timestamp WhatsOnChain
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/E8vMAHK
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Original BitCoin Stroy Forum

Description: Korean Forum focused on BSV
Category: BitCoin
Tags: BSV BitcoinSV Craig Wright Satoshi
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/2HhPrV8
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The White Paper verbalised

Description: for anybody that wants to hear it
Category: BitCoin white paper
Tags: BSV BitCoin whitepaper audio
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/9Rj9gUj
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Rizen accidentally agrees with CraigWright

Description: the BTAX fallout continues
Category: Article - CoinBlockDesk
Tags: BitCoin BSV CoinBlockDesk BCH BTAX
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/5LjikCD
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Transaction: 26786a407e2e1236f4b5136a3d63172ca25147309532293fe02ca027bff7d0f5

The importance of BitCoin as a communication network

Description: opens up a world where history can not be corrupted.
Category: Article - MonkishRex
Tags: BitCoin BSV communication history evolution
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/C7hdbwy
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Pittsenberg Uncertainty Principle (of investing)

Description: Nov 21 2019 recommendation to buy BSV at $97, but no one read it. Also contains a new investment tenet on money management you'll only hear from EquityDiamonds.
Category: Investing
Tags: BSV BitCoin InvestmentTheory
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/LiitQtx
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Transaction: aec89934e90063c649b284bb7d42e2321cfee7676c16a78749bafe61775fc37c

Money = BitCoin = Computation = Proof of Work = Time = Money

Description: Definition of Money is not known by many today
Category: Money
Tags: Bitcoin BSV Money Gold Electricity Railroads Oil
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/DgeqAPd
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Transaction: 706c1f5c94c5717a72e0959461ffc8a6e3fe827bb716cc5ecb081d8bd34767e4

Money = BitCoin = Computation = Proof of Work = Time = Money

Description: Definition of Money is not known by many today
Category: Money
Tags: Bitcoin BSV Money Gold Electricity Railroads Oil
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/9p45yFW
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Transaction: 4e1960dd599c6a197e990975461ff38900808689eaa5743efa24ec86533fca63

Dumps don't scare if you have uttility

Description: dumps are limited but utility is limitless
Category: Twetch
Tags: twetch Bitcoin BSV dump
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/VMcCqia
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Max Planck on BSV

Description: Planck's quote is one of the all-time greatest quotes if you're a man of science or wisdom ahead of your time
Category: Quotes, Physics
Tags: Physics Planck Quantum BSV
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/UUhT7sC
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Transaction: f38c7d7d678e1a5ec93d70cada4e0b9f8c727839aff675f2cdf580784732277e

The Most Influential People in BitCoin - Part 1: Entrepreneurs

Description: This is the first of a four-part series that will highlight some of the most influential people in BitCoin including: entrepreneurs, miners, developers and torchbearers.
Category: BitCoin Entrepreneurs
Tags: InfluentialPeople BitCoin BSV
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/5LNq2aP
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Transaction: 266a52c26408cfe2794eea0a8c55fda4465c3aa89c28dbc4e110d72fcfc8df25

Meet Alex Agut, CEO of Handcash

Description: Alex gives some background as to how he arrived at HandCash
Category: Video - Streamanity
Tags: BitCoin CambrianSV BaliBootcamp Handcash BSV
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/84GGJoB
Bottle: bit://1SymRe7erxM46GByucUWnB9fEEMgo7spd/84GGJoB    (Get Bottle)
Transaction: 3e8b2862c21cfa821002ea9aae4d19f7bc44dcf103f21c37d890613845b5b77b


Description: BSV price and market cap at CMC
Category: Crypto currency
Tags: BSV
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/EzFS6SG
Bottle: bit://1SymRe7erxM46GByucUWnB9fEEMgo7spd/EzFS6SG    (Get Bottle)
Transaction: 7bf99b0e154630e58751e6a7cd28331d20ff1e477093377b87f8805e44781fff


Description: Treaty - used for uptime clip
Category: Music, Australian
Tags: music YothuYindi BSV BitCoin
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/UihAJmf
Bottle: bit://1SymRe7erxM46GByucUWnB9fEEMgo7spd/UihAJmf    (Get Bottle)
Transaction: f5b0005ecaab18ec313c7972f03200cf9a8e694a0c272c890196f3cf21e197d1


Description: the mentality and how it infected BitCoin
Category: Article
Tags: BitCoin MetaNet BSV Cypherpunk MetaNetTV article
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/MYyo4Wx
Bottle: bit://1SymRe7erxM46GByucUWnB9fEEMgo7spd/MYyo4Wx    (Get Bottle)
Transaction: b628817845e38228383af4377b0eb1e9c21bef9be335fa682795de9fabdd517a


Description: the mentality and how it infected BitCoin
Category: Article
Tags: BitCoin MetaNet BSV Cypherpunk MetaNetTV article
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/3ktaskE
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MetaNet Tools/Applications

Description: a full list of useful links to MetaNet resources
Category: links
Tags: BitCoin MetaNet BSV BryanDaugherty resources
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/TprS8Tq
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Transaction: edc3eaaae86e4defff9cff033fc78ac030e606de80a73995b155555c9250ddde

Meet Brendan Lee

Description: the first CambrianSV Bali Bootcamp
Category: video, streamanity
Tags: Bitcoin BSV CambrianSV BrendanLee
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/VgY9kxy
Bottle: bit://1SymRe7erxM46GByucUWnB9fEEMgo7spd/VgY9kxy    (Get Bottle)
Transaction: fe38c0624af39c74a1b1cc6dbf01d18f31f83efb1de76253830446a333f97f9b

ANNE, one small action for mankind

Description: causes 63 ONchain transactions.
Category: Video
Tags: ANNE BSV data analytics statistics testing WhatsOnChain WoC blockchain
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/FrQk9jb
Bottle: bit://1SymRe7erxM46GByucUWnB9fEEMgo7spd/FrQk9jb    (Get Bottle)
Transaction: 83a3fb5f0e1d31e1a6c760fc0dd397d0e519bec3b458cdd4e0e33f3070b13631

ANNE, adding cities

Description: not 100% correct, however progress has been made
Category: Video
Tags: ANNE BSV data analytics statistics testing
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/8FBLqyj
Bottle: bit://1SymRe7erxM46GByucUWnB9fEEMgo7spd/8FBLqyj    (Get Bottle)
Transaction: 40362dd1b2f9baa56b18d95121186664c5b4111d51400c5b4640338acae1b406

ANNE, in experimental phase VERY early days :)

Description: setting up a keybase account, pretty straightforward
Category: video
Tags: ANNE AwarenessNeuralNetworkExplorer BSV Bitcoin video
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/N8QU69p
Bottle: bit://1SymRe7erxM46GByucUWnB9fEEMgo7spd/N8QU69p    (Get Bottle)
Transaction: bb442bccfb93ce6f06cc80a2b11cf6f47ecbfa9807df5b8987559c47a9ac301c

ANNE, in experimental phase VERY early days :)

Description: connecting my email account, pretty straightforward
Category: video
Tags: ANNE AwarenessNeuralNetworkExplorer BSV Bitcoin video
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/CHi12te
Bottle: bit://1SymRe7erxM46GByucUWnB9fEEMgo7spd/CHi12te    (Get Bottle)
Transaction: 640d62cf2702d4c2cbe463b1bd84801bc972d7b76703e713daae1a212c9f513a

ANNE, in experimental phase VERY early days :)

Description: funding, for building :)
Category: video
Tags: ANNE AwarenessNeuralNetworkExplorer BSV Bitcoin video
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/7cKpS26
Bottle: bit://1SymRe7erxM46GByucUWnB9fEEMgo7spd/7cKpS26    (Get Bottle)
Transaction: 3a94629b9bb329d696479a65fbe5666d3eccec2e9c064bb354b82032984eb07c

Derek Moore

Description: at CambrianSV Derek proved to be a valuable asset for developers.
Category: video, Streamanity
Tags: Bitcoin CambrianSV BSV BaliBootcamp DerekMoore
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/V3pgEyq
Bottle: bit://1SymRe7erxM46GByucUWnB9fEEMgo7spd/V3pgEyq    (Get Bottle)
Transaction: f89c6333fcb8892bccdfc584a26bf64d1eb7f7ce47fcae98a516a9d4f6a7f958

Aaron Burns, Twetch

Description: at CambrianSV Aaron and team Twetch didn't hold back their intention to compete, with twitter and numerous other social media platforms. We aint seen nothin' yet.
Category: video, Streamanity
Tags: Twetch Bitcoin CambrianSV BSV Hollywood
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/7d1Eed
Bottle: bit://1SymRe7erxM46GByucUWnB9fEEMgo7spd/7d1Eed    (Get Bottle)
Transaction: 0103044b5a781ab87803b6150025fc47caec718a5d9c94383cd65d0d02aef4b8

Alex Agut in Bali 2019 @CambrianSV

Description: shares about Handcash in Spanish
Category: Video, streamanity
Tags: bitcoin CambrianSV Bali handcash Spanish BSV
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/6pisqVG
Bottle: bit://1SymRe7erxM46GByucUWnB9fEEMgo7spd/6pisqVG    (Get Bottle)
Transaction: 339c54a8274e53c8b2d72c54c88649f6fefa48dc74c02b6738d4bbee0ac68201

CambrianSV interview series, meet Shravan, Streamanity

Description: Shravan chats with Dale about his creation and why he chose CambrianSV.
Category: video, Streamanity
Tags: BSV media CambrianSV Bali Streamanity Bitcoin
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/Cj2n4xE
Bottle: bit://1SymRe7erxM46GByucUWnB9fEEMgo7spd/Cj2n4xE    (Get Bottle)
Transaction: 67ec194b07d3b678c18f8a50343041025d2006fe1c07395a516b4af97627328d

DerykMakgill collates his tweets in an article

Description: first article kills "NickSzabo is Satoshi" quatsch
Category: Article Breaking Satoshi
Tags: BSV bitcoin NickSzabo BitGold CraigWright AdamBack WeiDai
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/RHMPdLk
Bottle: bit://1SymRe7erxM46GByucUWnB9fEEMgo7spd/RHMPdLk    (Get Bottle)
Transaction: d73967d2393adaf0769c155586ed5c22cffbb3ac14079118882274e34cfa9cb9

Ari Kuqi - Cambrian SV interview

Description: "sometimes you need to add middlemen"
Category: Streamanity video
Tags: BSV bitcoin legallychained CambrianSV Bali
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/9MNgGEp
Bottle: bit://1SymRe7erxM46GByucUWnB9fEEMgo7spd/9MNgGEp    (Get Bottle)
Transaction: 4a05a07925ca9fac6dfdb4daafcaff7f11d2ddaec4e8bea0b347e91038c070b7

eCat media blog - on eCat media :)

Description: An introduction to their onchain publishing service
Category: article
Tags: BSV bitcoin publishing media eCatmedia
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/8kmm1rB
Bottle: bit://1SymRe7erxM46GByucUWnB9fEEMgo7spd/8kmm1rB    (Get Bottle)
Transaction: 44bbedd664df7eae4bd9270b3f1f0db2e85c5b30ee157d8ea5056bb39a878534

On The Future of Bitcoin Transaction Fees

Description: SteveShadders explains what is coming - a fee market
Category: article
Tags: BSV bitcoin transactions fees miners MinersChoice
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/QcD9QhE
Bottle: bit://1SymRe7erxM46GByucUWnB9fEEMgo7spd/QcD9QhE    (Get Bottle)
Transaction: d13e16e9f9c8723038f81dabbef4f86180a961ff4dfdfb282e0420335936fb27

The REAL Bitcoin white paper

Description: Craig S. Wright's partial Philosophy thesis
Category: BSV
Tags: BitCoin BSV CraigS.Wright SatoshiNakamoto REALBitcoinwhitepaper
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/7DMzWPM
Bottle: bit://1SymRe7erxM46GByucUWnB9fEEMgo7spd/7DMzWPM    (Get Bottle)
Transaction: 37120c234c3fc79a864d0b65f18d287b056d41e9d4ef4d1da944352ecaa52af9

Proof Of Assignment

Description: The power of a public ledger, humans accountable
Category: Article - CraigWright
Tags: bitcoin SatoshiNakamoto BSV CraigWright immutableledger law
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/VBPoonk
Bottle: bit://1SymRe7erxM46GByucUWnB9fEEMgo7spd/VBPoonk    (Get Bottle)
Transaction: f9c49680a58e9a9d74a0d37f206d5c2870e5c64bee314ee1a6f1f0a859d7b860

Satoshi Nakamoto Institute distances itself from Satoshi Nakamoto

Description: satirical account of the absurd bitcoin world
Category: Article - CoinBlockDesk
Tags: bitcoin SatoshiNakamoto BSV paywall
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CraigWright University of Exeter 2018

Description: What is money?
Category: youtube video
Tags: bitcoin MetaNet BSV university education Bitcoincourse 2020
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JonSouthurst interviews JackRogers University of Exeter

Description: Jon and Jack discuss a course being offered 2020.
Category: Streamanity video
Tags: bitcoin MetaNet BSV university education Bitcoincourse 2020
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Bitstamp BSV tokens

Description: Give Bitstamp Users their Bitcoin SV Tokens
Category: change.org
Tags: BSV exchange bitcoin bitstamp criminals
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Emotional Intelligence

Description: the impact of, and why it's important
Category: video
Tags: ANNE emotionalintelligence BSV mood measurements human
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Bitfinex investigation

Description: ZDNet Twetch article Eileen Brown
Category: article
Tags: Bitcoin BSV fraud investigation Bitfinex tether
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Will paying to post shape the future of the internet?

Description: ZDNet Twetch article Eileen Brown
Category: article
Tags: Bitcoin BSV Twetch twitter data
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ANNE in action

Description: clip from alpha release
Category: video
Tags: ANNE AwarenessNeuralNetworkExplorer Bitcoin BSV MrScatmanne AI hyperconnectivity smallworldnetwork graphs neurons brain
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Donald Mulders interviews Erik Van Velzen

Description: Erik has launched a BSV game, the moneytrain
Category: Video, streamanity
Tags: bitcoin MetaNet streamanity moneytrain games BSV DonaldMulders MetanetTV
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ANNE intro

Description: Awareness Neural Network Explorer
Category: She's had extensive development since this clip
Tags: AI bitcoin BSV connections transactions build BSVplatform
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Disco Donald, MetaNetTV writer

Description: fifth EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive
Category: article MetaNetID
Tags: bitcoin BSV AML KYC EUlawsAMLD5
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HotepJesus and Uncle Hotep

Description: discussing Hotep's bitcoin experience on twitter
Category: video, uTube
Tags: bitcoin BSV BTC debate KurtWuckertJnr Connor
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Description: CSW, Vays, Pierce, Nouriel, BLee panel
Category: CC conference October 2019
Tags: bitcoin BSV panel discussion
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SPV video, Ari, Craig and Kurt

Description: Why SPV?
Category: Bitcoin, technology
Tags: bitcoin BSV MetaNetTV technology
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the case for BSV

Description: why it's a good idea to buy into 'Bitcoin Satoshi Vision'
Tags: bsv
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Bitcoin Satoshi's Vision: Identifying Signal Through the Noise

Description: Essay on BSV and framework for how to make sense of it
Category: Essay
Tags: essay bsv fractals framework sensemaking
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qr code for bsv address 1SymRe7erxM46GByucUWnB9fEEMgo7spd