Proof Of Assignment

Description: The power of a public ledger, humans accountable
Category: Article - CraigWright
Tags: bitcoin SatoshiNakamoto BSV CraigWright immutable ledger law
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Satoshi Nakamoto Institute distances itself from Satoshi Nakamoto

Description: satirical account of the absurd bitcoin world
Category: Article - CoinBlockDesk
Tags: bitcoin SatoshiNakamoto BSV paywall
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Bitfinex investigation

Description: ZDNet Twetch article Eileen Brown
Category: article
Tags: Bitcoin BSV fraud investigation Bitfinex tether
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Will paying to post shape the future of the internet?

Description: ZDNet Twetch article Eileen Brown
Category: article
Tags: Bitcoin BSV Twetch twitter data
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The Age Of Competitive Mining

Description: With BSV miners regain their power as the heart of Bitcoin
Category: Article - Steve Shadders
Tags: bitcoin MetaNet MetaNetID mining rewards data storage future of mining
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MetaNet Data and the Tragedy Of The Commons

Description: What miners are paid for, and a probable direction forward
Category: Article - Jerry David
Tags: bitcoin MetaNet MetaNetID mining rewards data storage future of mining
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Bitmain reshuffle

Description: executive director Micree Ketuan Zhan 60% stakeholder ousted
Category: Article
Tags: fraud BTC bitcoin bitmain mining JihanWu MicreeKetuanZhan
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CryptoCapital Principle Indicted on fraud

Description: the relationship between Bitfinex and tether tightens
Category: Article
Tags: fraud BTC bitcoin bitfinex courtcases
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Disco Donald, MetaNetTV writer

Description: fifth EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive
Category: article MetaNetID
Tags: bitcoin BSV AML KYC EU laws AMLD5
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CryptoCapital arrest

Description: will the president sing?
Category: Article
Tags: bitcoin blockchain tracking crime exchange
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Chainalysis in action, Fentanyl dealers show their tracks

Description: Bitcoin makes crime transparent
Category: Article
Tags: bitcoin blockchain chainalysis tracking crime
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