Description: Create a Skrill account to buy BTC and other virtual currencies.
Category: Exchange
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Failure to CRACK Monero is probably a worse outcome

Description: If government can't crack Monero, it's gonna be made illegal soon
Category: Cryptocurrency
Tags: Monero LightningNetwork LN btc
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CoinBlockDesk and the London CoinGeek conference

Description: an event with a satirical twist
Category: Article - paywalled
Tags: BitCoin CoinGeek conference BSV BTC trolls
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Forking And Passing Off

Description: Craig, pissed off explains what will be happening next
Category: Article - Craig Wright
Tags: Bitcoin BCH ABC BTC forks legalaction CraigStevenWright
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Genesis Report

Description: explains some of BitCoin's history
Category: Article
Tags: BitCoin BCH BTC history forks Genesis
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Bitmain reshuffle

Description: executive director Micree Ketuan Zhan 60% stakeholder ousted
Category: Article
Tags: fraud BTC bitcoin bitmain mining JihanWu MicreeKetuanZhan
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CryptoCapital Principle Indicted on fraud

Description: the relationship between Bitfinex and tether tightens
Category: Article
Tags: fraud BTC bitcoin bitfinex courtcases
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HotepJesus and Uncle Hotep

Description: discussing Hotep's bitcoin experience on twitter
Category: video, uTube
Tags: bitcoin BSV BTC debate KurtWuckertJnr Connor
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r/btc modlogs ban 100 last

Tags: zhell r/btc rbtc reddit
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