ELI5 definition-- SLictionary

Description: Can U Do Better?
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Charles Miller's "CLUTTER" definition

Description: SLictionary defined word Word$mith
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DDoS attacks in history

Description: For SLictionary definition of DDoS and example of including a link inside a definition.
Category: Reference
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SLictionary: Dictionary of the people BY the people

Description: Take back what's yours, words. Out of stuffy rooms in Massachussetts and England and back into popular vernacular.
Category: Reference
Tags: dictionary selflearning AI peopleplusmachines WordoftheDay
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SLictionary: Day Two

Description: We're testing our Cambridge MetaNet Society hackathon entry, please feel free to try it if you have Money Button. Warning, you might make a little money if someone "lightbulbs" your definition.
Category: Reference
Tags: Dictionary Define Earn BSV BitcoinApp SelfLearning
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Thorn character

Description: Cut and paste from elsewhere in browser to make special language characters like the Old English / Nordic "thorn"
Category: SLictionary language tricks
Tags: dictionary
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