"...It's up to you."

Description: Ruth Heasman pinned tweet with disappearing likes
Category: art
Tags: Satoshi Doodles Ruth Heasman CSW
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CoinBlockDesk and the London CoinGeek conference

Description: an event with a satirical twist
Category: Article - paywalled
Tags: BitCoin CoinGeek conference BSV BTC trolls
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/EL2xu4Q
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Spread the news

Description: Protocol wars are over
Category: art
Tags: Satoshi Doodles protocol set in stone
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/MhFniHx
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Forking And Passing Off

Description: Craig, pissed off explains what will be happening next
Category: Article - Craig Wright
Tags: Bitcoin BCH ABC BTC forks legal action CraigStevenWright
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/D15vsKi
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ANNE, what I see

Description: the impact visualising Emotional Intelligence could have on society.
Category: Article - bitSVnetwork
Tags: Bitcoin ANNE Emotional Intelligence BSV
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/2etHEQ6
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Reality of May 2020 halving

Description: CoinDesk get with the program
Category: Article - Crypto mafia
Tags: Bitcoin halving May2020 mining costs
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/Rf8Gt9n
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Neat little links for big blocks. – Satoshi Doodles

Description: A doodle about the SymRe link shortener doodle
Category: Art
Tags: SatoshiDoodles SymRe Bitcoin URL shortener art
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/AgNXFuY
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Neat little links for big blocks

Description: SymRe link shortener doodle
Category: art
Tags: Satoshi Doodles SymRe
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/9VZJpCx
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"Potentially sensitive content..."

Description: Peergame ecosystem chart
Category: art
Tags: Satoshi Doodles Peergame BSV ecosystem chart
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/RVgC5vQ
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Genesis Report

Description: explains some of BitCoin's history
Category: Article
Tags: BitCoin BCH BTC history forks Genesis
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/TijgPH2
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ANNE a little about her architecture

Description: outdated however still relevant
Category: article
Tags: BitCoin ANNE AwarenessNeuralNetworkExplorer ImmutableTruthIntelligence
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/NeZzfKE
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CraigWright Privacy v Anonymity

Description: the difference is significant, BitCoin is for privacy.
Category: article
Tags: BitCoin Anonymity Privacy
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/JiAYBgJ
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Weather Chain - Make It Rain

Description: handcash friends spamming event
Category: art
Tags: Satoshi Doodles Handcash multisend
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/SfPcGJi
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Burning question… – Satoshi Doodles

Description: Money Button Telegram Group has a mysterious member who constantly joins and never participates.
Category: Art
Tags: MoneyButton SatoshiDoodles VasilPetrov Telegram
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/8MTBcMc
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Satoshi Vision magnetic poetry

Description: unwavering faith + extraordinary effort
Category: art
Tags: Satoshi Doodles The Miracle Equation
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/2Hcct6w
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Spilled ABC's

Description: spilled alphabet soup
Category: art
Tags: Satoshi Doodles ABC Bitcoin Cash
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/VcmTSVU
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Rizen accidentally agrees with CraigWright

Description: the BTAX fallout continues
Category: Article - CoinBlockDesk
Tags: BitCoin BSV CoinBlockDesk BCH BTAX
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/5LjikCD
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Roger, taxes the BCH's

Description: CoinBlockDesk ask the dodger tongue in cheek questions
Category: article - CoinBlockDesk
Tags: Bitcoin BCH Roger tax stkitts
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/MyzXkP4
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The more the merrier

Description: Dunbar's number for Bitcoin introverts
Category: art
Tags: Satoshi Doodles introvert Dunbar's number
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/Gd9Sykf
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The importance of BitCoin as a communication network

Description: opens up a world where history can not be corrupted.
Category: Article - MonkishRex
Tags: BitCoin BSV communication history evolution
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/C7hdbwy
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Think more different

Description: practicing perspective shifting
Category: art
Tags: Satoshi Doodles
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/4kykAdS
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Thought leaders are still here

Description: denial is a river in Egypt
Category: art
Tags: Satoshi Doodles stages of grief
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/SaUgocc
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"I'm here for the TeChNoLoGy."

Description: Satoshi Doodles
Category: art
Tags: technology utility
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/M4hcfWn
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The psychological Manipulation of data

Description: humans are interconnected emotionally, like it or not. Who's pulling the strings?
Category: Article - ZeroHedge
Tags: BitCoin EmotionalIntelligence Data EQ Data
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/E8mhnEN
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The Philosophy and Ontology of BitCoin

Description: a unique view on the puzzle called BitCoin
Category: Article - b10cks
Tags: BitCoin philosophy ProofOfWork ontology
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/FDHpW5D
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The Philosophy and Ontology of BitCoin part1

Description: a unique view on the puzzle called BitCoin
Category: Article - b10cks
Tags: BitCoin philosophy ProofOfWork ontology
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/TGHj5Cz
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Bushfires in Australia

Description: Timber industry is always a friend in a bushfire crisis
Category: Article
Tags: bushfires Australia policies governance
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/26LiHPj
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Description: the mentality and how it infected BitCoin
Category: Article
Tags: BitCoin MetaNet BSV Cypherpunk MetaNetTV article
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/MYyo4Wx
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Transaction: b628817845e38228383af4377b0eb1e9c21bef9be335fa682795de9fabdd517a


Description: the mentality and how it infected BitCoin
Category: Article
Tags: BitCoin MetaNet BSV Cypherpunk MetaNetTV article
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/3ktaskE
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Description: bigger than you and me
Category: art
Tags: legacy Satoshi Doodles
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/BBByagN
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MrSkatmanne sees the future of profiles ONchain

Description: a yours.org article written 2 years ago
Category: Article, yours.org
Tags: bitcoin profiles ONchain data identity MrScatman
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/9HkpvqU
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Transaction: 4978144e770d3f87ffeb5d1770031a009375c46b3443ea196205e24c84f1d42a

Most Influential 2019

Description: Satoshi Doodles
Category: art
Tags: influential Bitcoin
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/wipUFs
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Transaction: 085cca5ad2a49e87239e7b75f0bb5e48114cfca149c101ab55f2beb10fa4af5f

Digital lumps of coal?

Description: Cryptmas 2019
Category: art
Tags: Satoshi Doodles
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/CsT6KTo
Bottle: bit://1SymRe7erxM46GByucUWnB9fEEMgo7spd/CsT6KTo    (Get Bottle)
Transaction: 693579870224b5f9ee843767dccb839866b0ae47a2e1996e47a2a8ca12375118

Gonna find out who's naughty or nice

Description: Satoshi Doodles naughty or nice
Category: art
Tags: Pinocchio
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/B7DKTb
Bottle: bit://1SymRe7erxM46GByucUWnB9fEEMgo7spd/B7DKTb    (Get Bottle)
Transaction: 018b68d30e5ca0fd13f8d591c22e05de4eb9af8a41e62b9e89de890a58a5104f

DerykMakgill collates his tweets in an article

Description: first article kills "NickSzabo is Satoshi" quatsch
Category: Article Breaking Satoshi
Tags: BSV bitcoin NickSzabo BitGold CraigWright AdamBack WeiDai
Shortened by: thewild[email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/RHMPdLk
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Transaction: d73967d2393adaf0769c155586ed5c22cffbb3ac14079118882274e34cfa9cb9

eCat media blog - on eCat media :)

Description: An introduction to their onchain publishing service
Category: article
Tags: BSV bitcoin publishing media eCatmedia
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/8kmm1rB
Bottle: bit://1SymRe7erxM46GByucUWnB9fEEMgo7spd/8kmm1rB    (Get Bottle)
Transaction: 44bbedd664df7eae4bd9270b3f1f0db2e85c5b30ee157d8ea5056bb39a878534

On The Future of Bitcoin Transaction Fees

Description: SteveShadders explains what is coming - a fee market
Category: article
Tags: BSV bitcoin transactions fees miners MinersChoice
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/QcD9QhE
Bottle: bit://1SymRe7erxM46GByucUWnB9fEEMgo7spd/QcD9QhE    (Get Bottle)
Transaction: d13e16e9f9c8723038f81dabbef4f86180a961ff4dfdfb282e0420335936fb27

Proof Of Assignment

Description: The power of a public ledger, humans accountable
Category: Article - CraigWright
Tags: bitcoin SatoshiNakamoto BSV CraigWright immutable ledger law
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/VBPoonk
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Transaction: f9c49680a58e9a9d74a0d37f206d5c2870e5c64bee314ee1a6f1f0a859d7b860

Satoshi Nakamoto Institute distances itself from Satoshi Nakamoto

Description: satirical account of the absurd bitcoin world
Category: Article - CoinBlockDesk
Tags: bitcoin SatoshiNakamoto BSV paywall
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/SthbZTH
Bottle: bit://1SymRe7erxM46GByucUWnB9fEEMgo7spd/SthbZTH    (Get Bottle)
Transaction: e57d5f5964b14f850886f8537130112648daf0552b85d85d19a54248211385b3

What people don't understand

Description: Satoshi Doodles CSW
Category: Art
Tags: CSW
Shortened by: 1[email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/3Q4NnFz
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Transaction: 154038fd11c52d2a25c4cc410d87f808e5c29cc017884bbc55acc8f847abb629

Bitfinex investigation

Description: ZDNet Twetch article Eileen Brown
Category: article
Tags: Bitcoin BSV fraud investigation Bitfinex tether
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/TtNdvxg
Bottle: bit://1SymRe7erxM46GByucUWnB9fEEMgo7spd/TtNdvxg    (Get Bottle)
Transaction: ee4da7b66136d25b1f2d2cfeaf8327d78055f4b01326696d9d66d9edf5f2766c

Will paying to post shape the future of the internet?

Description: ZDNet Twetch article Eileen Brown
Category: article
Tags: Bitcoin BSV Twetch twitter data
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/8kJjKF3
Bottle: bit://1SymRe7erxM46GByucUWnB9fEEMgo7spd/8kJjKF3    (Get Bottle)
Transaction: 44a9b285f62e82fe71fa36934c9930e9d0b007fc860e2c568cb0e93c881fb3ba

The Age Of Competitive Mining

Description: With BSV miners regain their power as the heart of Bitcoin
Category: Article - Steve Shadders
Tags: bitcoin MetaNet MetaNetID mining rewards data storage future of mining
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/BEQdAAZ
Bottle: bit://1SymRe7erxM46GByucUWnB9fEEMgo7spd/BEQdAAZ    (Get Bottle)
Transaction: 5aaf3a6a1ed05429853e15fb5fa87f98b063c7b75cd53b377261f1d32caaae90

MetaNet Data and the Tragedy Of The Commons

Description: What miners are paid for, and a probable direction forward
Category: Article - Jerry David
Tags: bitcoin MetaNet MetaNetID mining rewards data storage future of mining
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/6BmKyvk
Bottle: bit://1SymRe7erxM46GByucUWnB9fEEMgo7spd/6BmKyvk    (Get Bottle)
Transaction: 2df679191d56057cb5b6d2b4ca398cde00caed18f2b90922c56c4e4651d580ec

Bitmain reshuffle

Description: executive director Micree Ketuan Zhan 60% stakeholder ousted
Category: Article
Tags: fraud BTC bitcoin bitmain mining JihanWu MicreeKetuanZhan
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/GFGiEgx
Bottle: bit://1SymRe7erxM46GByucUWnB9fEEMgo7spd/GFGiEgx    (Get Bottle)
Transaction: 87225e14b9d5885c67529fdfa949336903224ab972d15007746a5905d051cda0

CryptoCapital Principle Indicted on fraud

Description: the relationship between Bitfinex and tether tightens
Category: Article
Tags: fraud BTC bitcoin bitfinex courtcases
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/FpWnnnt
Bottle: bit://1SymRe7erxM46GByucUWnB9fEEMgo7spd/FpWnnnt    (Get Bottle)
Transaction: 8359d0dd7126b428e6b015e8b78bc40cf348b9fc33929c81307bc35b48a0a880

Disco Donald, MetaNetTV writer

Description: fifth EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive
Category: article MetaNetID
Tags: bitcoin BSV AML KYC EU laws AMLD5
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/zjNbNC
Bottle: bit://1SymRe7erxM46GByucUWnB9fEEMgo7spd/zjNbNC    (Get Bottle)
Transaction: 08d2879e1db5af968242b8185b7b2d99234bb82a637bf15803ccf0220c9867b0

Now this is a story all about how...

Description: Satoshi Doodles BitCoin story
Category: Art
Tags: Satoshi Doodles BitCoin
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/RBJmvtB
Bottle: bit://1SymRe7erxM46GByucUWnB9fEEMgo7spd/RBJmvtB    (Get Bottle)
Transaction: d64ce8ef3c1e707229112ed2b3193ca50cf54e6603efb35bcd7d0676de3747dd

CryptoCapital arrest

Description: will the president sing?
Category: Article
Tags: bitcoin blockchain tracking crime exchange
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/GEkE63f
Bottle: bit://1SymRe7erxM46GByucUWnB9fEEMgo7spd/GEkE63f    (Get Bottle)
Transaction: 870dcdfee626e60a43f1a301f02695470059bd91e28bbdbe1be7f3620d698bd7

Chainalysis in action, Fentanyl dealers show their tracks

Description: Bitcoin makes crime transparent
Category: Article
Tags: bitcoin blockchain chainalysis tracking crime
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/9k822Vd
Bottle: bit://1SymRe7erxM46GByucUWnB9fEEMgo7spd/9k822Vd    (Get Bottle)
Transaction: 4d7f8afd18332f05bc46887ede4243a5272f4c5b426cd2a6862c49aa51bfdd4f

Machine transactions turning heads

Description: Satoshi Doodles
Category: Art
Tags: machine transactions data distracted boyfriend meme
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/EsoS56k
Bottle: bit://1SymRe7erxM46GByucUWnB9fEEMgo7spd/EsoS56k    (Get Bottle)
Transaction: 7afd56272581273200e007c3e0381f835f549b0588be34b659b3f2ab29afad50

Because reasons.

Description: Satoshi Doodles reasons
Category: Art
Tags: Satoshi Doodles reasons logic intuition
Shortened by: [email protected]
Short URL: sym.re/D2NCR7B
Bottle: bit://1SymRe7erxM46GByucUWnB9fEEMgo7spd/D2NCR7B    (Get Bottle)
Transaction: 6a92452f6ec97097ea7bd2d319f1b08ab40921f5a2cac2d05cf9b0d3e191493f

How-To Be a Better Bitcoiner (a little e-book)

Description: https://www.yours.org/@satoshidoodles
Category: art
Tags: SatoshiDoodles
Short URL: sym.re/JVuCa6e
Bottle: bit://1SymRe7erxM46GByucUWnB9fEEMgo7spd/JVuCa6e    (Get Bottle)
Transaction: 9b18d401a3ed672515dcfa1f2b817d9843f476b3444d37b71ed90246a3636d89
qr code for bsv address 1SymRe7erxM46GByucUWnB9fEEMgo7spd